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Handshake is the premium platform for Gauchos to find jobs, internships, and career connections. Ranging from part-time to full-time positions, on-campus and off-campus, Handshake is a gateway to gainful employment in the world of work. Many postings are viewable exclusively to students/alumni of UCSB, providing an edge to engage with employers. Handshake also offers approved Work-Study positions, a database of thousands of employers, and much more.

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There are many ways to use Handshake to find positions that you may be seeking, including jobs that are full-time, part-time, or on-campus, as well as internships and other experiential opportunities.

To make the most of your search, review our complete tips about Job Search Strategies. See below for job search tips specific to the Jobs section in Handshake.

To search for positions in Handshake, click on the Jobs tab at the top of your Handshake account. Use the Filters to narrow down your search by Job Type (e.g., Work-Study), Industry, Job Function, Work Authorization, and more (see our Student Jobs page for details about on-campus jobs, or our International Students page for details about Work Authorization). Alternatively, you can search by Keyword or Location.

In most cases, we recommend conducting one search for your preferences of Industry and a separate search for your preferences of Job Function. Combining both of these aspects into one search, or incorporating several other limiting factors, is often too restrictive to generate useful results.

For optimum results, apply good critical thinking skills to stay mindful of your search criteria. If your search has only one or two filters, you may find it to be too generic and it will be difficult to narrow down the results. If your search has many filters, you may find it to be too limiting and there will not be enough results to consider. Once your search criteria is set, review your search results for postings that appeal to you. You can apply to positions instantly, or click the Favorite button to return to them later.

We highly recommend that you click the button to Save Your Search to receive email updates when new positions are posted that meet your search criteria. Should your plans change in the future, you can update your saved searches under the Notifications within your Handshake account.

When you are ready to start over and conduct a new search, click the Clear button to remove all filters and begin again.

Searching for active postings in Handshake is not the only way to find what you are looking for. In many cases, the position you are hoping to see may not be currently posted, and it is better to plan further in advance. We recommend browsing the Employers directory within the Jobs tab for a comprehensive directory of all employers in Handshake. You can Follow specific employers or reach out to them directly to build a connection.

Handshake houses the On-Campus Interview (OCI) program at UCSB. By clicking on the On-Campus Interviews tab under the Jobs tab, you can search for and manage your upcoming interviews. For complete information about the OCI program, please review our tips to Find On-Campus Interviews.


To view upcoming career events available to UCSB students, click the Events tab at the top of your Handshake account (or begin with our Events page). You can browse all upcoming events or search for events by using the Filters that suit your search criteria. Events range from Career Fairs, to Workshops, to Info Sessions, to Speaker/Panel events, and more.


For events that you are particularly interested in, register for the event so that you receive updates, and review the event details in advance to help you prepare. Career Fairs advertise the list of employers attending and the positions they are recruiting for, which is frequently updated as the event date approaches.


For an opportunity to engage with the global Handshake community, explore the Q&A tab at the top of your Handshake account. Here, you are empowered to explore career questions with Handshake community members. You can search for specific topics that interest you, browse trending topics, or ask your own question to receive an answer. 

Please review the Privacy Reminder that is published on Handshake for further details about the visibility of Q&A information that you submit online.



Through the Students tab at the top of your Handshake account, you can engage with other students and alumni at UCSB, as well as those from other universities that use Handshake.

To begin browsing the global Handshake community, you can use the Filters menu to narrow down the list of students to meet your search preferences. For example, you may find an interest in exploring students who have a specific School Year, Major, or Previous Employer indicated on their public profile. If you would like to reach out to someone new, you can click the Message button to send a professional message to them via the Handshake platform.

This feature in Handshake shares many similarities with LinkedIn, in regards to professional communication on social networking platforms. For related guidance, we recommend that you review our LinkedIn tips to Grow Your Connections.


Career Center

Handshake offers a few ways to engage with us at Career Services via the Career Center tab at the top of your Handshake account. Here, you are able to schedule and manage an appointment for Career Advising, review relevant career information in Resources, and learn about UCSB.


...And Much More! 

By engaging with Handshake, you will find more useful features such as:

  • Messages: Helps you manage your communication with employers, students, and Career Services staff.
  • Reviews and Interviews: Displays recommended tips written by students who have previously worked for or interviewed with an employer, showcasing what they liked, wished was different, interview questions received, and other advice offered.
  • Settings & Privacy: Gives you full control over the privacy of your profile, notification preferences for emails and push notifications, and more.

Explore the Handshake platform to see all that it has to offer you throughout your career journey at UCSB.

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Handshake Disclaimer: Job postings and employer announcements are made without endorsement, direct or implied, by Career Services or UCSB. Career Services educates students about various opportunities and ensures equity of access to campus recruiting activities for all employers who abide by our Recruiting Policies. Individual students are encouraged to determine which employers align with their diverse talents, values, and interests. See more information to review our Department Policies and Don't Get Scammed.

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