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Workforce inclusivity is transforming the world of work in deeply positive ways. By offering multiple perspectives and solutions for industries and providing meaningful connections among constituents, a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is the way forward for every career.

As a UCSB student, you are encouraged to explore, honor, and celebrate your identity through the communities with which you identify. Learn how you can gain support and specialized information for the communities of which you serve as a member, ally, or advocate.

Topics for Communities

Embrace Your Whole Self



Lead the way as a first-generation college student in your family and develop your career plans


Know the policies and strategies to guide your career decisions with an F-1 or J-1 visa


Bring your gender and sexual identities with you as you transition into the workplace


Leverage your military-related background and translate your experience for civilian work

Students of Color

Celebrate your cultural or ethnic identity as you embark on your career journey ahead

Students w/ Disabilities

Move forward with your career in appreciation of your abilities and skills in the workforce


Get your career going with a boost of momentum as you prepare for life after UCSB


Explore key resources, strategies, and advice to develop your career as an undocumented student


Launch your career among a community of cisgender, transgender, and genderfluid womxn

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Must-Know Info

Key Tips to Consider


Inclusive Hiring Initiatives

Today, employers are placing a stronger emphasis on recruiting students from diverse backgrounds and building teams with equitable representation. When reviewing employers, look for their diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophies or Equal Employment Opportunity statements, as well as related employee programs and support resources.

Representation in Industry

It can be helpful to consider the current landscape of representation in the occupational areas you explore. You can do research by talking with peers and mentors, paying close attention to workplace trends that you notice, or reviewing websites like DiversityInc for employer equity rankings on various aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Your Worldview is Valued

The background you offer provides a worldview that enriches the organizations you work for. Consider how your point of view can benefit the specific employers that interest you and highlight those benefits when applying for positions. For initial clues, review job descriptions, mission statements, and employer websites.

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Know Your Rights

How to Handle Work-Related Discrimination

If you encounter discrimination in the job search or the workplace, it is important to know your rights and how to respond to the situation.



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