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There are a number of ways that we support students' growth and development to prepare for meaningful and impactful careers. In every aspect of our work, student success is our first priority.

Our services are available to all registered UCSB students, as well as Alumni based on eligibility. Use this page to explore the many services we offer to students and learn how to get started.

Document Review

Fast Feedback on Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters


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Login via UCSB

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Upload Document

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Get Advising

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Powered by VMock + Google, Document Review is a guided service to advance UCSB student resumes, cover letters, and CVs to the next step. Every document receives a personalized score using the latest recruitment trends, written feedback from a Career Services advisor (avg. response in 2 school days), and next-level advising. For assistance, please contact careerhelp@sa.ucsb.edu, visit Career Peer Advising, or see Policies.



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TO SUBMIT A COVER LETTER: Go to Google via UCSB email

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Lightbulb icon Graduate students can submit a resume or CV through VMock. If your document does not fit the criteria listed above, we recommend utilizing Career Advising for your specific needs. 

Interview Skills

Prepare for Post-Pandemic Interviews in the New Normal


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Login via UCSB to Big Interview

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Learn From Video Lessons

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Submit Practice Assignment

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Get Career Advising

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This service integrates Big Interview technology to increase UCSB students' career readiness through five key stages of interview preparation. Using a blend of artificial intelligence, written feedback, and career advising, students develop their delivery, content, and self-confidence for any job, internship, or graduate school interview. For assistance, please contact careerhelp@sa.ucsb.edu, visit Career Peer Advising, or see Policies.



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Career Advising

communities icon of five persons​  Career Peer Advising  communities icon of five persons

Start here for all of your career planning needs by meeting with a Career Peer Advisor in a 15-minute session. Choose from two methods below. 



  • Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 

Step 1: Enter the queue in QLess

Step 2: Select your preferred medium:

  • In-person (Career Resources Room, Building 599)
  • Virtual (Zoom)
  • Phone (Zoom)

Step 3: Check your phone for updates -- when it’s your turn, you will receive a text with information to begin your meeting



Enter QLess



  • Mon-Fri, 11:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Step 1: Login to Handshake and click the Career Center menu to find the Appointments option (must schedule 24+ hours prior)

Step 2: Choose the Career Peer Advising appointment category, include details about your request in the Help Requested box, and select your preferred medium: 

  • In-person (Career Resources Room, Building 599)
  • Virtual (Zoom)
  • Phone (Zoom)

Step 3: Review your confirmation email for instructions to check in to your appointment

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 path to success icon for career paths​ Career Path Advising path to success icon for career paths

Dive deeper into your goals in a 30-minute session with a Career Counselor. Gain a referral from Career Peer Advising to utilize this service.



  • Mon-Fri, ​8:30 a.m.–​6​:00 p.m.

Step 1: Login to Handshake and click the Career Center menu to find the Appointments option (must schedule 24 hours prior)

Step 2: Choose the best appointment category and type, include details about your request in the Help Requested box, and select your preferred medium: 

  • Virtual (Zoom)
  • Phone (Zoom)

Step 3: Review your confirmation email for instructions to check in to your appointment

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For questions about Career Advising services, please email us at careerhelp@sa.ucsb.edu or call (805) 893-4414 during regular business hours. Services are unavailable during official university holidays. See Policies for details on Late Arrivals and No Shows.


The premium platform for Gauchos to find jobs, internships, and career connections

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Private Work Space -
(Closed until Friday, January 6, 2023)


Eligibility: Available on a first-come, first-served basis, We have two rooms available for students to reserve. The Private Work Space must be utilized for a virtual/phone job interview, career advising appointment, course exam, or academic-related studies. NOTE: Due to privacy concerns, counseling/therapy sessions are not permitted.

Reservation: Your reservation must be received by 3 pm, 1 business day before your requested date. Requests are not monitored over weekends and holidays. To reserve a room, click the Submit Reservation Form link below. Select the week, date, and time you wish to reserve. Click on Join and type in your name and email address. You will receive two confirmation emails: 1) a note from Wejoinin regarding your request and a cancel code if you decide to reschedule, and 2) an email from employer.services@sa.ucsb.edu with details including the room you're assigned to. If you do not receive the email with a room number by 4 pm the day you submit your reservation, contact us at employer.services@sa.ucsb.edu

Hours: Mon–Thur, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. (not available during career fairs, winter/spring mid-quarter breaks, and university holidays)

Location:  We are in Building 599, the Counseling and Career Center (the pink building across from Storke Tower). Be sure to enter through our courtyard adjacent to Parking Lot 29. You will find your room in the building off the courtyard with sliding glass doors.

Check-in Procedure: On the day of your reservation, please proceed to the room you have been assigned, scan the QR code on the door and fill out the check-in form. Please check the calendar on the door and confirm the time you have reserved the room. It is important that you keep track of time and leave promptly 10 minutes before the end of your reservation time in the event another student is coming to use the room. 

Safety and Cleaning Protocols: You are required to follow the safety guidelines.

  • Campus policy requires that you wear a mask at all times in the Counseling and Career Center; you can remove it when you are alone in the room
  • For your safety, clean the room before you use it AND before you leave with the supplies provided in the room and dispose of your waste in the garbage bin in the hallway outside the room
  • Students who fail to follow cleaning protocols will receive a warning after the first incident and will lose their privileges after the second.

Submitting a Reservation Request: When you submit a request form, you indicate that you have read and understood the information and policies listed above. Contact employer.services@sa.ucsb.edu for assistance. We wish you a productive time in your Private Work Space.

Career Information and Resources

Insights Worth Investigating



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We empower students to prepare for their future by consulting powerful sources of knowledge. With access to reliable resources and self-paced, on-demand digital content, Gauchos make informed decisions and move forward with confidence.


Career Assessments for Self-Discovery

Take an assessment to uncover your interests, personality, strengths, and values for making informed career decisions

Digital Resources Toolkit

Gain access to special resource subscriptions like Vault, IBISWorld, What Can I Do With This Major?, GoinGlobal, CareerSpots, and more

Career Path Highlights Emails

Subscribe to receive emails from Career Path Advisors who specialize in your interests; every email includes relevant tips, jobs, and events

On-Demand Virtual Workshop Series

View our workshop video playlist on Youtube to boost your career development at your own pace, anytime anywhere



Explore our website for all of your career development needs at UCSB.
Guide yourself through Starter Topics and Specialized Topics.

icon of contact book for virtual programs  Career Development Programs

Engaging Opportunities We Offer


Internship Scholarship Program (for Undergraduate Students) >>

Increases access for students to participate in experiential learning and career exploration, supporting preparation for the job market and offsetting financial hardships associated with unpaid internships

Graduate Student Internship Fellowship Program >>

Supports graduate students in obtaining internship opportunities to gain industry experience that complements their studies

Gaucho Job Shadow Program >>

Pairs students with professionals in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Bay Area for an opportunity to spend a half-day or full day in the workplace during Spring Break

On-Campus Interview Program >>

Connects students with interviews at UCSB with employers looking to hire for positions nationwide

Workforce Recruitment Program >>

Supports students with qualifying disabilities through opportunities to interview and obtain positions in federal government


Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Events


We offer a dynamic lineup of career events year-round featuring in-person and virtual formats. Ranging from premium career fairs and recruitment events, to educational workshops and panels, we provide students with hundreds of career events to attend throughout the year.

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See Events

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Let Us Know Your Thoughts


We want feedback from UCSB students about how we can help you succeed in your career. To provide your suggestions or input about our services, fill out this anonymous feedback form.

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Building Hours

M–F 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Call for hours during university breaks
Closed during official university holidays
See Students page for service-specific hours

Phone and Email

(805) 893-4412
Students: careerhelp@sa.ucsb.edu
Recruiters: employer.services@sa.ucsb.edu
Events: careerevents@sa.ucsb.edu

Mailing Address

Career Services, Bldg. 599
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106-7140



Career Services is located in Building 599, the pink building next to Storke Tower

Directions and Parking

See Visit UCSB and Campus Maps; convenient parking in Lot 22 (permit required)

Meet the Team

Get to know Our Team of staff members at Career Services


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