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Experiential work-based learning, such as internship, research, leadership, fieldwork, study abroad, and volunteer opportunities, complements academic preparation so that you can become more confident and competitive for full-time jobs, graduate school, and other post-graduation goals. According to the NACE Job Outlook survey, when employers choose between candidates for positions, having experience, especially an internship, is a key influencer of decision-making.

"Experience" can include any career-related work or service opportunities that offer professional supervision and training for an occupation or industry. The type of experience you pursue should relate to your interests, to help you clarify your career interests, obtain occupation-specific skills, and expand your professional network.

Topics to Gain Experience

Expand Your Career Horizons


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Find out what the experiential hype is all about and learn how to get yourself ready for your career

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Put your UCSB education into practice by pursuing internships outside of class

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Student Jobs

Seek out student jobs at UCSB to complement your coursework with on-campus experience

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Leverage UCSB's world class faculty and facilities to participate in cutting-edge academic research

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Get involved on-campus through leadership opportunities, campus organizations, and more

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Gain support for your experiential commitments through preparation programs and scholarships