Non-Academic Careers

Target an Industry

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Are you looking to leverage your advanced degree to land a non-academic job? Explore further to translate the skills and knowledge you have gained from your program and pursue a variety of in-demand careers within industry.

Use this page to get familiar with relevant strategies, transferable skills, and additional resources to support your plans.

Brainstorm Your Options

Oftentimes graduate students find themselves in a situation in which they know they do not want to continue pursuing their current experiences, yet they are unsure of what else they can do with their degree. Here are our recommendations to help you explore what your career options are: 

  • Pay attention to where others who finish or leave your program are going.
  • Talk to colleagues who make decisions that intrigue you, even if they are different from your personal career goals. Their plans may be helpful to hear, even if their exact path is not for you. 
  • Consider reaching out to professionals (who you may not know) that are doing something of interest to you. Learn how to make targeted connections and use LinkedIn to its fullest extent.
  • Explore different career paths with VersatilePhD, ImaginePhD, and MyIDP. Before jumping in, you can read a bit about them under "Utilize Key Tools" on this page.
  • Read career blogs and articles such as Inside Higher Ed.  
  • Do not forget that the cycle for job searching has 5 key elements.

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