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Working part-time as a student can be a valuable experience at all class levels, generating income for your studies and developing skills for future opportunities. Even a job working as a waiter or a cashier develops skills that employers seek in various fields and industries. 

Jobs on campus can be beneficial for convenience and flexibility with your schedule, while jobs off-campus can sometimes be more lucrative. Use this page to guide your search.

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On-Campus Jobs

Are you looking to find a job on campus? There are many options available. While most recruitment for on-campus positions is conducted near the start of fall quarter, other positions are posted throughout the year.


The first resource we recommend you review is Handshake, the premium job and internship platform for UCSB students. Most campus departments at UCSB post their job and internship positions to Handshake, including all approved Work-Study positions. 

To learn about Handshake, visit our Handshake Help Center or click below to login.

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Recruitment Events

Career Services hosts two events during the year that can help you meet prospective employers and learn about on-campus employment. These events are advertised on Handshake via our Events page:

  • On-Campus Job Fair: Held at the start of fall quarter during the Week of Welcome and provides you the opportunity to speak with departments who are actively looking to hire.
  • On-Campus Job & Internship Mixer: Held during winter quarter for students who are looking to learn more about on-campus employment opportunities.

If you do not land an on-campus position during your first attempt, keep trying! Students sometimes quit their position or reject an offer for various reasons, leading on-campus departments to hire an "alternate" or reach out to others who originally applied. As with all of your career endeavors, apply a long-term mindset to your search, so that you keep doors open for future opportunities.

Departments That Hire Regularly

In addition to utilizing Handshake and recruitment events, we recommend that you review department websites when seeking on-campus employment.

Many on-campus departments post on Handshake when they have a job available, but some do not always do so, and others only post during a short recruitment period.

Here are a few departments that typically post a large number of opportunities on their websites: 

For additional leads of departments that hire regularly, click the items below. Consider using our Job Search Strategies tips to guide your proactive outreach as you contact departments for more information.

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to academics and education:

  • Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS): CLAS provides employment for over 100 students to provide academic support to their fellow Gauchos.
  • Instructional Development: IV Theater and Embarcadero Hall employ students to support classes and events. Typically, hiring is done at the end of the academic year and/or each quarter.
  • Office of the Registrar: The Office of the Registrar employs students to assist in various student services, registration, and records-related duties.
  • Professional and Continuing Education (PACE): PACE (formerly known as Extension) offers professional courses and certificate programs to UCSB students getting them ready for the competitive job market after graduation. Their International Programs enable visiting scholars and professionals from all over the world to experience the outstanding research and instruction at our top-rated University.
  • Research Experience and Education Facility (REEF): REEF is UCSB’s teaching aquarium and outreach touch tank facility. They provide K-12 programs, on-campus classes, and tours for the General Public. Gain hands-on experience working with local marine life and kids by teaching K-12 students about marine science. 

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to administration, facilities, finance, or technology operations:

  • Annual Fund: The Annual Fund is a non-profit organization committed to fundraising for student resources and scholarships here at UCSB. They employ over 250 student ambassadors each year to help with fundraising.
  • Associated Students (AS): Associated Students employs many students at all AS services, offices, and student programs, like the Recycling Program, Bike Shop, and Media Services.
  • Campus Store: The Campus Store (formerly known as the Bookstore) offers many job opportunities for students in various departments of the store.
  • Community Service Organization (CSO): CSOs provide a 24-hour escort service, assist in emergency situations, and maintain a bike education and safety program. CSOs also provide security for special events including athletics games and concerts. They hire year-round.
  • Design, Facilities & Safety Services: Facilities works to design, build, operate, maintain, and renew the physical environment required to support the university's instructional, research, and public service mission. Student positions are available as office assistants, computer technicians, and recycling coordinators.
  • Library: The Library is interested in students with computer skills or knowledge of languages, art, music, or bibliographic-services. Previous library experience is desirable, but not required.
  • Transportation & Parking Services (TPS): As an innovative and self-sustaining department, TPS supports the UCSB mission by providing safe and reliable parking, fleet services, and transportation alternatives to our campus community.

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to conservation or environmental management:

  • Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER): The Cheadle Center is housed under the Office of Research which focuses on restoration of campus lands and preservation management of natural history collections.
  • Sustainability: The Sustainability office helps the university rethink the way it manages energy, water, recycling, transportation, food, the built environment, and much more. Through various programs, they work to make UCSB friendlier to the environment and a healthier place to live, work, research and study. Internships and volunteer opportunities are offered. 

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to the coordination of events and experiences:

  • Alumni: The UCSB Alumni Association provides a variety of year-round services and programs for alumni and current students, and offers part-time and internship positions for students.
  • Arts & Lectures: Arts & Lectures hosts more than 200 events on and off campus each year. Positions are available in ticket sales, marketing, hospitality, and more.
  • Concessions: Concessions provides food service on campus at sporting events, tournaments, concerts and special events.
  • Event Management and Protocol: Students who seek to gain experience in event planning and management can apply for positions.
  • Family Vacation Center (Alumni): UCSB Alumni hosts the Summer Family Camp from mid-June to late-August and they look for energetic and responsible students to work as camp counselors. Staff are provided room and board as well as an hourly wage.
  • Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises: Job opportunities can be found in areas of Residential & Community Living, Residential Operations, Residential Dining Services, Conference Services, and more. Additionally, they employ approximately 200 students each summer to assist with the summer conference program.
  • Office of Admissions and Visitor Center: This is a good fit for students who want to learn more about UCSB and enjoy sharing information with future undergrad students and their families. Students are trained to lead on-campus tours and participate in student panels. Student staff serve as ambassadors to UCSB and provide peer assistance to prospective and new students.
  • University Center (UCen): The University Center looks for students to perform all sorts of jobs in the UCen and in their satellite dining operations across campus. Their Student Leadership Program provides opportunities for students to earn money for their education and gain valuable work experience. They also offer many positions with Dining Services.

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to athletics and recreational operations:

  • Athletics Department: The Athletics Department offers many paid and unpaid opportunities across a variety of fields.
  • Department of Recreation: The UCSB Department of Recreation employs over 680 student positions each year. Positions are available under numerous recreational programs, including adventure programs, recreational sports, aquatics programs, summer camps, and more.
  • Isla Vista Recreation and Park District: IV Recreation and Park District is part of the UCSB work-study program. They offer a variety of positions from clerical, recreation, and facilities.

The following departments hire students for roles that typically assist with services related to student support (please note that many of these positions recruit during winter quarter for the following academic year): 

  • Alcohol and Drug Program: The UCSB Alcohol & Drug Program strives to create a safe, healthy, and learning-conducive environment through the promotion of beneficial choices concerning the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Positions are typically open during spring quarter.
  • Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE): The mission of CARE is to anticipate and respond to the needs of students impacted by stalking, dating/domestic violence, and sexual assault by providing confidential advocacy and support. CARE also works with the campus community to educate them on interpersonal violence.
  • Career Services: Career Peer Advisors work in the Career Resource Room at Career Services for 10 hours per week for the entire academic year. Peers advise students in their initial stages of career planning, present workshops, assist with events, and take on special projects. 
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Mental Health Peers (MHP) work part-time during the academic year. MHP’s are trained in basic counseling skills and provide students with support, stress management techniques, and peer advising on mental health-related issues and concerns.
  • Disabled Students Program (DSP): DSP provides academic support services to students with documented disabilities. Note takers assist students with notes, class announcements, and other relevant course information, while exam proctors are responsible for providing proctoring services to students who receive exam proctoring accommodations.
  • Early Childhood Care and Education Services Department (Children's Center): The Orfalea Family Children's Center, located on West Campus, and the University Children's Center, located in the Student Resource Building, provide child care for student, staff and faculty families within the University community.
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): Through mentorship, academic programs, one-to-one counseling/advising, campus student support service referrals and social/cultural programming, EOP strives to maximize a student's involvement and success in the campus academic community. EOP also helps motivate and inform students to utilize services to enhance their preparation for the job market and/or graduate/professional school admission. 
  • Health & Wellness: Health & Wellness supports the physical, emotional, and mental health of all students. Connect with like-minded students and build your resume as a Health & Wellness Advocate, Clinical Health peer, or Safe Sex peer; paid internship opportunities are also available.
  • Multicultural Center (MCC): The MCC offers a broad spectrum of events including lectures, panel discussions, films and videos, musical, dance and dramatic performances. Students are hired to staff the front desk and help with special projects.
  • Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships: The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provides students with the financial resources and related services necessary to achieve their educational goals. 
  • Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS): OISS serves UCSB’s international students and scholars and departments that work with the international population. OISS provides immigration support for the UCSB community, advising for international students, and cultural programming.
  • Orientation Programs & Parent Services: Orientation Programs & Parent Services looks for highly motivated individuals who are interested in working closely with new students and their parents during Summer Orientation. The staff works from April through August. Applications are due in early January.
  • Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD): The RCSGD staff is committed to serving the campus and larger community with professionalism and respect. The RCSGD provides educational programming, social activities, advocacy, and consultation with the goal of enhancing safety, tolerance, and quality of life in the UCSB community. They have several student staff positions available.
  • Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL): Student Engagement & Leadership (formerly the Office of Student Life) coordinates student activities and events on campus and administers campus organizations, fraternities and sororities, leadership development programs, and veteran and military services. In conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, they also offer referrals, general assistance, and problem-solving to students facing personal emergencies.

If you are searching for on-campus Teaching Assistantships as a graduate student, here are a few of the most useful resources to support your search:

  • Department list-serves
  • Faculty in your department
  • GradPost

Off-Campus Jobs

If you are looking for a job off-campus, there are many opportunities for part-time employment in Isla Vista, Goleta, and Santa Barbara. Organizations that hire part-time employees frequently include retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, and small offices, as well as other organizations.

Here are some key tips to help you look for off-campus jobs:

  • Many local businesses post part-time opportunities on Handshake, but additional platforms to check include IndeedWayUp, and related resources on our Job Search Strategies page.
  • We host employers throughout the year that table on campus and recruit at our quarterly career fairs for part-time positions (see our Events page for details).
  • Many local hotels host career fairs throughout the year, which we typically advertise on our social media pages.
  • Visiting a retail outlet or business in-person can be a method to learn about the steps to apply, make a name for yourself, or submit your application.
  • Transportation to off-campus jobs is a key consideration; do you have a car, or does the bus route [i.e., Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (MTD)], travel to your destination?

Work-Study Jobs

If you have Work-Study as part of your financial aid package, we recommend that you use it! Work-Study is a need-based form of Financial Aid that you earn through on- or off-campus employment and receive in the form of a paycheck. Your financial aid package will state whether or not you have Work-Study funds.

The Work-Study Program intends to encourage part-time employment and reduce the loan debt incurred while attending college. Work-Study pays a portion of your salary, thus making your employment a better "financial deal" for your employer.

All officially approved Work-Study positions are posted on Handshake. To find opportunities that are currently available, review our Handshake Help Center tips to learn how to search for Work-Study positions. Most work-study positions are posted in August or September, while some are posted year-round.

  • Aug 15, 2022: The Office of Financial Aid will begin to approve postings on this date, and you will be able to review and apply for postings. 
  • Sept 12, 2022: You can print your 2022-2023 Work-Study Referral Forms.
  • Sept 18, 2022: First-day you can start to work under Work-Study. 
  • May 27, 2023:  Final date students can work under Work-Study for off-campus work-study employers.
  • May 31, 2023:  Final date students can work under Work-Study for Monthly employees.
  • June 10, 2023: Final date students can work under Work-Study for a Bi-Weekly on-campus Work-Study position.

Additional Considerations

Some jobs do not require work-study but accept work-study students. Let the department know you have a work-study referral, and they will contact Financial Aid. Some external positions may also qualify for work-study and most campus jobs qualify. Note: if you do not have access to work-study, then please do not apply to positions that state that only work-study students are eligible.

Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for further information about the Work-Study Program through UCSB. You can find them on the second floor of SAASB.

Learn More

Need additional tips and resources to find work? Be sure to browse all our Gain Experience, Career Paths, and Job Search Strategies pages.

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