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Look around you. Someone, somewhere, got paid to draw your attention toward something that they want you to consume.

Recent reports suggest that occupations that create experiences, tell stories, or provide entertainment comprise one of the highest areas of job growth. With an imaginative mind, a resourceful toolkit, and an interest in engaging an audience, the modern workforce presents countless opportunities to make an impact through creative, original, expressive work.

Use the information on this page to jumpstart careers related to marketing, advertising, branding, public relations, professional writing, journalism, design, digital media, film production, performing arts, entertainment, sports, museums, tourism, hospitality, event planning, and other creative roles.



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Gain Experience: Communications + Arts

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To break into any occupational area of Communications + Arts, building your qualifications outside of the classroom is key to success. Because many industries and fields incorporate a combination of theoretical foundations and applied techniques, seeking a few relevant technical skills through experiential opportunities can complement most UCSB degrees very well. We recommend that you Read Job Descriptions for full-time positions you strive to obtain in the distant future, to help you gain a clearer understanding of the qualifications worth gaining in the near future.


Types of Experience

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Interning and volunteering is an excellent way to establish connections and gain experience in Communications + Arts. You may find that some internships in creative organizations and nonprofits are unpaid, while other internships are paid. Regardless of the pay level for these types of positions, consider the quality of experience gained as an investment in your future.

Here are some local opportunities related to Communications + Arts:

Film and Media

PR and Broadcasting

  • Davies Public Affairs: Offers public relations internships to third and fourth-year students.
  • 92.9 KJEE Radio: Allows interns to work closely with station staff to learn the behind-the-scenes functioning of radio stations, including programming, promotions, and board operations.
  • Direct Relief International: Locally-based, international non-profit organization that relies upon the talents and contributions of volunteers to assist with many activities, including clerical and administrative support, program research, editorial tasks, public outreach, warehouse inventory, and event hospitality. 


  • Epic Ad Group: Digital marketing company specializing in branding and public relations.


  • Santa Barbara Independent: Allows emerging journalists to conduct practical journalism from daily deadline reporting and feature writing, to reviewing arts, investigative research, and multimedia projects.


  • Pacific Conservatory Theatre: Offers professional internships in multiple areas of theatre. As an intern, you will be training directly with professionals in their respective fields.


Secured a summer internship but it is unpaid? Check out our Internship Scholarship Program that awards and provides financial support for students.

Working on campus equips you with transferable skills to land a job after college, offers a short commute, and typically provides a flexible schedule. 

Here is a list of on-campus departments that have opportunities related to Communications + Arts:

  • UCSB Arts & Lectures: Hires both paid interns and volunteers to help with development, marketing, programming, public relations, and more.
  • UCSB Department of Recreation: Builds a marketing team that focuses on raising awareness of the recreational programs offered, increasing program participation and fostering brand loyalty.
  • UCSB University Center (UCen): Offers student jobs in areas such as social media, operations, event assistance, catering, and more.

Joining a campus organization is another way to gain experience and build meaningful connections. UCSB has over 50 campus organizations related to Communications + Arts, so we recommend that you research all options to find what suits you. 

Here is an initial list of UCSB organizations related to Communications + Arts:

Because UCSB is a research institution, active research related to Communications + Arts takes place across many academic departments.

One of the best ways to get involved with relevant research opportunities is through the research program in the UCSB Department of Communication. Undergraduate students who partake in these projects have an opportunity to participate in all phases of research: designing experiments, analyzing data, and interpreting results. Participation in research as an undergraduate student provides you with an invaluable experience to not only learn about the research that has been done by others, but also to be a part of the discovery process to further your knowledge of Communications + Arts. Check out the Research page for more information.

The Capital Internship Program provides UC students with opportunities to take on research, pursue internships, work in the field, and attend unique courses covering a variety of topics in the nation and state capital. Look for internships related to Communications + Arts, available in the fields of news media, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, scientific laboratories, as well as the White House and Cabinet agencies.

There are many national and international associations that serve students and professionals related to Communications + Arts. These associations provide a unique way for you to make connections and build your skill set toward your future goals.

Here are some example associations related to Communications + Arts:

The projects, writing pieces, and productions that you create as a student serve as opportunities for you to showcase your accomplishments.

Though many accomplishments go unnoticed, it can be helpful to seek out formal recognition programs, competitions, and honors that recognize creative accomplishments. One competition to consider participating in is The Young Ones, hosted by The One Club for Creativity for students interested in advertising, communication, and design.

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