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Look around you. Someone, somewhere, got paid to draw your attention toward something that they want you to consume.

Recent reports suggest that occupations that create experiences, tell stories, or provide entertainment comprise one of the highest areas of job growth. With an imaginative mind, a resourceful toolkit, and an interest in engaging an audience, the modern workforce presents countless opportunities to make an impact through creative, original, expressive work.

Use the information on this page to jumpstart careers related to marketing, advertising, branding, public relations, professional writing, journalism, design, digital media, film production, performing arts, entertainment, sports, museums, tourism, hospitality, event planning, and other creative roles.



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Explore Grad School: Communications + Arts

For complete information on graduate school search strategies and the application process, review our starter tips to Explore Grad School in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


When considering graduate school-related to Communications + Arts, it is important to first understand if your specific career goals require further education.

As a generalization, the majority of careers in Communications + Arts can be successfully pursued with a bachelor’s degree combined with valuable skills and experience. Some exceptions to this guideline include the fine arts (in which a Master of Fine Arts can be useful), areas with technology specialties (in which a Master’s Degree related to technology can be useful), and areas of high-level management (in which a Master of Business Administration can be useful).

Always do your research before applying to graduate school.


Professional Schools and Classes

Regardless of the perceived importance of obtaining a graduate degree in a discipline related to Communications + Arts, it is always important to advance your skill set through continued learning. 

One manner in which you can enhance your expertise is by attending professional school or taking individual classes (e.g., online or at your local community college). UCSB's Professional and Continuing Education program offers various certificates and courses to enhance your career, offered for a tuition fee per course. 

Here are some certificates from UCSB Professional and Continuing Education that can develop skills in Communications + Arts: 


Specialized Programs

Some fields within Communications + Arts feature highly specialized academic programs that become available after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. These intensive programs can help you increase your qualifications, create a more robust portfolio of work, and build valuable connections, but they typically come with a high cost and do not offer the universal recognition of a formal degree (such as a master’s degree or Ph.D.). 

Here are a few Communications + Arts fields that offer specialized academic programs: 

  • Publishing: Due to the highly competitive nature of publishing careers, publishing institutes exist to make you more competitive. One example is the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University.
  • Advertising: If you want to work in a creative role at a top-level advertising agency, you need a robust portfolio to stand out. Advertising portfolio schools can help you develop this further and are a key element of many advertising careers.

As your career goals become more refined, look to see if specialized programs exist within your field of interest, and evaluate the value they offer for your career path.

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