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Are you someone who wants the very best out of a product or service?

Whether you enjoy working with numbers through calculations and forecasts, prefer to persuade others toward a specific goal, or have a natural acumen for identifying successful innovations, careers in Business + Entrepreneurship offer ample opportunities for the savvy student. 

As the backbone of economic activity, people who pursue Business + Entrepreneurship are often driven to increase efficiency and profitability through roles such as finance, accounting, management, sales, real estate, operations, logistics, actuarial science, and quantitative analysis to predict future business models. Learn how you can jump-start your career in Business + Entrepreneurship and reach your highest potential.



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Vash Doshi

Vash Doshi

Career Counselor / Coordinator

Business + Entrepreneurship

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In his 1997 letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos emphasized the importance of maintaining 'Day 1' mentality at Amazon: staying nimble, willing to experiment, and embracing failures. Day 1 mentality empowers you to focus on long-term gains and recognize that there is no linear path to success.

Consider me as your partner throughout the twists and turns of this challenging but satisfying journey to success. I am here to help you leverage your competitive advantage and realize your goals, no matter your major or interest area.

Let’s connect to highlight your experience, knowledge, and skills to kick off your career and carve your niche in the world of Business + Entrepreneurship!

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Christina Nguyen

Christina Nguyen

Career Counselor / Coordinator

Business + Entrepreneurship

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Interested in Business + Entrepreneurship? My objective is to help you use your knowledge and skills to your advantage. Your goals may come in a variety of ways and I am here to help you dive into the areas in which suit you most.

The real question is, what does biz mean to you? Let's explore this together in our ever-changing economy and begin the process of driving positive gains.

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Gain Experience: Finance

For complete information on internships, student jobs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, and more, review our starter tips to Gain Experience in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


No matter which industry, company, or occupation you wish to break into, obtaining financial experience will make you a competitive candidate for a future in finance. Analytical and quantitative experience of various types is almost always beneficial for stepping into this career path. Most importantly, gaining some type of hands on skills that are relevant to the field will support your competitiveness when entering a career in finance.


Types of Experience

Click below to explore resources to help you get involved in finance and build yourself beyond the classroom.

Gaining experience through campus organizations is a great way to showcase your skills. For underclassmen, it is important to build leadership experience within campus organizations, and to prepare for work experience while maintaining a high GPA.

Here are some campus organizations that you may consider joining; many of these are organized through Associated Students (A.S.):

Banking and Finance


  • 180 Degrees Consulting: Foster partnerships with clients from various industries within consulting to provide students with hands-on experience.
  • A.S. Office of Controller: Serve as a consulting unit for A.S. entities and seek proposals for business enterprises or ventures within A.S.

Investment Management

  • A.S. Investment Advisory Committee (IAC): Participate in student-run committee managing and investing A.S. funds into companies. 
  • Finance Connection: Provide students with information regarding the finance industry, and connect students with successful alumni. 
  • Personal Finance Club: Help students take control of personal finances and better understand topics such as taxes, insurance, student loans, and investing in order to achieve better financial literacy and security. TAMID Investment Group: Gain practical investing and consulting experience with the Israeli economy.
  • TAMID Investment Group: Gain practical investing and consulting experience with the Israeli economy.

Early on in your time at UCSB, you should strategize your research for companies you want to intern at; this is essential to understanding which skills you need to specifically develop in order to be marketable. 

During the summer after your junior year, it is ideal to land a competitive internship with a global financial company. An internship will allow you to become comfortable utilizing the jargon that is communicated on a day-to-day basis within finance. It will be impressive if you are able to speak about the knowledge you gained, such as performance of financial markets, explanation of key financial concepts (e.g., profits, expenditures, assets, and mergers), or calculation of advanced formulas in Excel (e.g., pivot tables or Vlookup).

The UCSB Economic Forecast Project conducts research and analyzes information on economic, demographic, real estate, and regional business trends encompassing the Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura County areas. One way in which students can get involved is by applying to become a research analyst intern for the organization.

UCSB Professional and Continuing Education offers various courses in finance, such as Strategic Investments. For careers in finance, we typically recommended taking individual courses that interest you, instead of completing a certificate program due to the out-of-pocket expenses that will be incurred (financial aid assistance is typically not available).

This can be a useful method to become familiar with terminology and concepts used in the financial sector, because UCSB does not usually offer these types of courses in undergraduate programs.

Most importantly, employers highly value financially-related experience on your resume, as it demonstrates your curiosity and interest to work in the financial sector. Gain relevant experience in every way that you can!

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