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We are excited about your interest in hiring Gauchos! We have hundreds of students at any given time looking for full-time, part-time, on-campus, and internship opportunities. UCSB has more than 200 majors, degrees, and credentials offered through five schools and a graduate division. Whether you are looking to hire a Ph.D. researcher, a mid-level manager, or an entry-level employee, our talented students possess the right skill set to meet your hiring objectives.

Browse our tips and resources below to learn more about recruiting at UCSB and our premium recruitment platform, Handshake. We look forward to connecting you to our beautiful campus and helping you find the talent you need for your organization’s growth and success!

Virtual Recruiting Made Easy

See Virtual Tips

New services and resources to prepare for a virtual recruitment season of Gaucho connections:

  • Explore our cost-effective Marketing ‘Buffet’ where you are able to select the marketing options that work best for your organization 
  • Save the date for our Winter Job & Internship Fair, Wednesday, January 19, 2022. Registration is open on Handshake! 

Email for assistance with your virtual recruiting plan

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Post a Position

Handshake is UCSB’s online gateway to posting positions. Every student has access to Handshake and this is the first place they go when looking for opportunities.

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Recruit On-Campus

Companies who are most successful in recruiting at UCSB are constantly working to build a consistent presence on campus.

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Hire an Intern

An internship program can be a cost-effective method for identifying candidates for full-time hires and interns become goodwill ambassadors for your intern pipeline.

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Build Your Brand

Make sure students’ understand your brand, your values, and why your company is a good match.

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Advertise and Promote

We offer a variety of ways to advertise and highlight your business, open positions and upcoming events.

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Recruit Virtually

It is possible -and easy- to create and maintain a recruiting relationship with UCSB and our students through virtual means.

Recruit On-Campus

Companies that are most successful in recruiting at UCSB are constantly working to build a consistent presence on campus. Follow the strategies below to ensure you have a successful recruiting experience at UCSB.

Contact us with any questions. The Employer Services Team looks forward to connecting you to our beautiful campus and helping you find the talent you need for your company’s growth and success!

Career Fairs are one of the most effective ways to gain visibility and connect directly with students. For Winter quarter 2022, our Job & Internship Fair will be virtual. We are considering other ways to bring employers to campus and will share information on that as it develops.

Winter Job & Internship Fair
Wednesday, January 19th, 12:00-4:00pm
Register now>>  

Prior to the event, your team will determine your schedules for hosting 1:1 meetings and/or group information sessions with UCSB students. Students will then sign up for available meeting times on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will begin booking for the fairs in late summer. 



Virtual information sessions are a very effective way to connect with UCSB students and you can easily host a session using your conferencing platform. 

Since going virtual, UCSB has experienced an enormous increase in the volume of virtual information session requests. While we hope to minimize it, some overlapping between sessions may occur. We will do our best to not overlap companies with similar hiring needs on the same day and time. If your session is declined, please reach out to us to discuss an alternative date/time. 

Our protocol is to accept most sessions to provide students with access to as many options as possible. However, that does not mean we specifically endorse those sessions or those employers. 


How to request an information session 

  1. To schedule an information session, login into your Handshake account and, on the home dashboard, select "Create an Event."
  2. Enter the Event Name
  3. Select "Virtual Session" as the Format.
  4. Select the "University of California, Santa Barbara" as your host school and Information Session as the Type.
  5. Enter the Start and End Date.
  6. You can add an event branding image with a maximum size of 400x400 pixels, or Handshake will insert your company logo there. 
  7. Please include information regarding what the information session will cover, the types of students who should attend (major, grade level, etc.), and positions recruiting for in the Description.
  8. Proceed to fill out the additional questions. Click “Save” to request the event.
  9. After requesting the event, add any attachments such as promotional material to the event overview page. 
  10. Once we receive your request, Career Services staff will review it and approve it.
  11. Once your event is approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

Advertise Your Session 

At Career Services, we will promote Information Sessions via Handshake. Some information sessions will be included in our weekly newsletter to students, this will depend on the number of events and space in newsletters. 
We also need your help in advertising your session. Below are additional strategies that we highly recommend to make your session a success:

  • A very effective way to promote your session is via a Targeted Handshake Email Blast (see Marketing 'Buffet' below) where we will help you target a specific student population with an invitation to your event. We also offer other methods to advertise your recruiting activities via our Marketing ‘Buffet’ (below) that can help increase attendance at your event.
  • You can personally invite UCSB student organizations to your information session to increase attendance. Names and contact information for student organizations can be found on the Shoreline website powered by the Office of Student Life. NOTE: Some organizations have entered their contact information and you are able to send them an email. For those without a contact link, you can search for an organization's website using the name given, or other social media pages where you might be able to find contact information.
  • You have the ability to message students who have RSVPd for your event via Handshake.
  • If you have a Premium Handshake account, send an event campaign to students to promote your event.

Interested in increasing attendance at your information session? Check out our Advertising and Brand Building tips.

Career Services is offering a ‘buffet’ of useful marketing options for your organization to get the word out about your organization and your opportunities on our campus. This process is completely individualized based on the needs/desires of your organization and you have complete control. Options include:

Marketing 'Buffet'

  • Targeted Handshake Email Blast
    Career Services will send an organization-specific email to the target student group that best fits your hiring needs. Links to your website, program, or position may be included to streamline information sharing.
  • Visibility Tabling Event
    Set up in a high-traffic student walkway designed to provide you with lots of student access, you can chat with students and share your swag as they walk between classes. We provide 1 six-foot table and 2 chairs. 
  • Spotlight Slide (social media promotion)
    Create yourself or provide content for us to create a social media slide highlighting your recruiting activity. Slides will be posted to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts prior to your event(s).
  • Pinned Event (on Handshake)
    Have your opportunity or event showcased to a targeted audience for 2 weeks on Handshake.
  • Event Reminder (via Handshake)
    Schedule an email reminder promoting your opportunity deadline or event via Handshake
  • Academic Department/Student Organization Advertising
    Email to 10 (total) student groups or academic departments  of your choice


Each activity costs $100, with increasing discounts applied for multiple activities: 

  • 2 activities 10% discount 
  • 3 activities 15% discount 
  • 4+ activities 20% discount

* NOTE: Career Fairs are not included in the marketing buffet options and are registered for separately.

For more information on this or any other marketing needs, please contact

Promote your opportunities to all students by tabling outdoors in a high-traffic student walkway. If you're looking to hire seasonal employees, part-time workers, or have general employment opportunities open to all students, visibility tables can be a great, low-cost option ($100 per day).

What's included 
We provide 1 six-foot table and 2 chairs during peak traffic times (10am-2pm) on our high-traffic student walkway, Arbor Mall, or in front of the University Center. Visibility Tables can be scheduled for almost any weekday, excluding school holidays.

Reserving Your Visibility Table 
Request a Visibility Table by emailing

Interested in increasing attendance at your information session? Check out our Advertising and Brand Building tips.

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