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Preparing for a job after graduate school begins on the first day of your graduate program. This may seem surprising at first, but searching for a job that is fulfilling, challenging, and fitting for you requires a wholehearted investment of time and effort.

Utilize this page to take your initial steps and maximize your opportunities as a current graduate student.

Create Your IDP

Planning for the Future

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a dynamic document completed by you, the graduate student, that communicates your academic goals to your advisor(s) and identifies career goals to help you be successful in graduate school and beyond. 

By completing a skills assessment and articulating goals, you will be able to identify gaps in technical skills and knowledge, as well as identify how professional development opportunities will help to achieve your career of choice. Ultimately, the goal is that you will be better able to clarify your goals and expectations with your advisor(s), which in turn leads to more successful communication, planning, and outcomes during and after graduate school.

There are 6 different categories that you self-evaluate and then create goals for:

  • Scholarly Development
  • Research Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Teaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Professional & Leadership Skills
  • Career Development Skills

Want to get started? Check out the IDP documentation below, which details the supporting research, benefits, and suggested structure of implementing this with your advisor. Fill out an IDP form and proceed by communicating your ideas and plans to your advisor for feedback. To help get your advisor up to speed, you also share the Advisor Section with them.

Here are the IDP documents to begin completing:

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Interested in other career planning tools? Check out ImaginePhD, MyIDP, and ChemIDP for a deeper dive!

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