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Beyond internships, student jobs, and research experience, there are many ways to get involved outside of your classes at UCSB. If you are looking to get more involved while also building your skills and network for future internships and jobs, extracurriculars are a great place to start.

Options range from joining a campus organization, to gaining leadership experience, to becoming a volunteer, to studying abroad, to learning through certificates and trainings. Extracurriculars provide a strong start for exploring a career path or enriching the path you are already on.

Read more below to better understand the value of extracurriculars and how to find them.

Gain Leadership Experience

Learning to Lead

Leadership is a quality that many employers look for in prospective candidates, and a leadership section on Resumes can be an asset for jobs internships. 

What does “leadership” mean, and how do you obtain it? Leadership has many definitions and can mean many things to different individuals and organizations, however, past studies of research often regard it as a process that takes place within groups of people that share a common direction.

Here are some different ways that you can develop your leadership abilities at UCSB:

  • Move into a leadership position in a campus organization, part-time job, sports team, or other organizations and consider having SEAL provide leadership consultation for your team.
  • Serve as a mentor or tutor to students of any age group.
  • Participate in the Leaders Encourage a Difference (LEAD) program focused on providing intensive training in order to develop your skills and foster your potential as a leader at UCSB and beyond.
  • Enroll in the Introduction to Leadership Development (ED 173) course, offered annually, typically in fall and winter quarter, that assists students in developing individual approaches to effective leadership.
  • Attend the Leadership Challenge Workshop Seminar series (offered each quarter) which provides personal leadership assessment, one-on-one coaching, and training to improve your leadership skills.

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