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When you apply to a graduate program, an academic opportunity, or a research-focused position, you may need a curriculum vitae (CV) for your application. Though some programs request a resume or give you the option to submit your document of choice, a CV is often involved.

As an undergraduate student, your CV typically resembles your resume with a few key tweaks. To understand the essentials of professional documents, we recommend that you review our tips about resumes in addition to the tips on this page.

Lightbulb icon Looking for guidance with other types of professional documents? See our Resumes page or Grad Student CVs page.

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Now that you have learned about the purpose of a CV and how it is distinguished from a resume, it is time to take your document to the next level. To guide your decisions, review this sample CV from an undergraduate student.

Undergraduate CV Sample



Though CV templates can be an appealing way to produce a resume, we typically recommend that students avoid them because they can be difficult to manipulate and may not comply with ATS.

Should you need CV templates, you may want to review the free templates offered by HLoom, which are compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). When using this source, we recommend that you avoid choosing the Use this Template option, and instead, click Build a CV. It is best to avoid the multi-columned or overly colorful format recommendations. 

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