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Military-related students enter UCSB with valuable skills that employers and graduate schools seek, including discipline, dedication, resilience, responsibility, leadership, multicultural awareness, and foreign language skills, in addition to various technical skills.

No matter your career path, Career Services can help you discover and hone in on your skills and experience, as well as assist you with developing new tools to advance your career trajectory. We support you in reaching your professional goals and encourage you to use this page as a starting point to move forward.



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Gain Experience: Military-Related Students

For complete information on internships, student jobs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, and more, review our starter tips to Gain Experience in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


As you navigate your way through UCSB, it is important to gain experience to land a position after graduation. In addition to relevant part-time jobs and internships, becoming involved with on-campus, local, or national organizations is an excellent way to develop your skill set and gain experience that builds upon your military experience.


Types of Experience

Click the items below to explore a few key ways you can begin gaining experience through your military-related identity.

Getting involved in career-related groups can enhance and develop transferable skills, develop your professional network, and connect you with resources to enhance your career. UCSB’s military and veteran-focused campus organizations are a great place to start.

Here are UCSB’s military and veteran-focused campus organizations:


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To browse all of UCSB’s campus organizations, visit our Extracurriculars page.

During internships and student jobs, you can apply what you have learned in class and the military to the professional world, and consequently enhance your preparedness. In addition, these opportunities should provide you with personal insight regarding the professional atmosphere and responsibilities you enjoy, allowing you to expand your network to provide future references.

Here are some tips to begin seeking relevant internships and student jobs:

  • Attend On-Campus Recruiting Events: These provide opportunities to make connections with employers who are looking to hire young professionals like yourself.
  • Adjust Settings in Handshake: Filter only the most relevant opportunities for you, pertaining to your career interests, military background, and other qualifications.
  • Review Employer Rankings: Look for indicators of commitment to veteran and military equity. You may want to explore the Top 50 list on Diversity Inc for one source of rankings.
  • Consider Mission Statements and Inclusivity Statements: When researching potential employers, determine whether or not there are programs and resources available for military-related employees that serve your personal needs.

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Check out our Internships page and Student Jobs page for further details to review.