Military-Related Students

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Military-related students enter UCSB with valuable skills that employers and graduate schools seek, including discipline, dedication, resilience, responsibility, leadership, multicultural awareness, and foreign language skills, in addition to various technical skills.

No matter your career path, Career Services can help you discover and hone in on your skills and experience, as well as assist you with developing new tools to advance your career trajectory. We support you in reaching your professional goals and encourage you to use this page as a starting point to move forward.



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Explore Grad School: Military-Related Students

For complete information on graduate school search strategies and the application process, review our starter tips to Explore Grad School in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.

Preparation for Further Study

If you are considering furthering your education after you graduate from UCSB, it is never too late to advance your career. Before committing to a specific program, research the resources offered to military-related individuals. If possible, reach out to military-related professionals in your field of interest, and ask them about their experiences in graduate school and that field.

In preparing for graduate school, you want to ensure that you have a strong understanding of the type of preparation which will best suit you. Research the military-related resources available at your campuses of interest, as schools with more resources are likely to feel more welcoming during your transition both in and out of graduate school.​


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Be sure to review our Grad School 101 page for general information regarding graduate school.


Certificate Programs and Other Education

As you explore graduate school, we recommend that you also consider other forms of education and certificates programs. These programs offer certificates and specialized classes to professionals in the workforce, through which you can strengthen your knowledge and skills in specialized areas.

If your career of interest does not require graduate school, these programs can be a beneficial way to expand your expertise at a reasonable cost. While you are exploring options, we recommend researching UCSB Professional and Continuing Education in addition to other certificate programs to determine if these classes and certificates support your goals. 


If you are interested in pursuing graduate school, these programs are also a great way to fulfill missing prerequisites or boost your GPA while expanding your skill set.