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People who identify within LGBTQ communities often navigate their career development alongside sexual or gender identity development. Despite changes in LGBTQ policy and rights, however, many people feel uncomfortable coming out at work and encounter obstacles in the workforce.

Career Services is dedicated to helping you find employment and graduate school opportunities that empower you to be yourself and move our workforce forward. Use this page to begin reviewing how “out” you want to be in the job search and in the workplace, including intentional decisions about your resume, cover letter, interview, and more.



Key Campus Resources @ UCSB

Gain Experience: LGBTQ Students

For complete information on internships, student jobs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, and more, review our starter tips to Gain Experience in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


For LGBTQ community members, gaining experience can include more than preparation for a career. Participating in new experiences -- in a variety of environments -- can provide clarity regarding the realities of being a LGTBQ member in the workforce. 

Here are some thoughts to consider as you gain experience:

  • Are any colleagues “out” and do they feel comfortable sharing?
  • Are there any LGBTQ employee or peer groups?
  • Would this environment be best for your career and your identity?
  • How comfortable do you feel serving this organization?


Types of Experience

Click below to explore a few ways to gain experience within the LGBTQ community.

Campus organizations provide a great set of experiences for students outside of the classroom and workplace, such as gaining leadership, making connections, and developing an overall sense of community. You can also develop transferable skills such as communication, organization and adaptability through active participation in campus organizations. UCSB LGBTQ Student Organizations List is a great resource to start to discover groups of students with whom you can build community, share educational goals, and find ways to give back to the LGBTQ community.


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If you are interested in gaining experience within the LGBTQ field, UCSB’s RCSGD has put together a list of LGBTQIA+ Scholarships and Internships. While the list of internships provides you with opportunities to gain experience within the field, the list of scholarships can ease some of the financial need you might be experiencing as a student at UCSB.


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Explore our Internships page for more thorough guidance on internship opportunities.

Studying abroad is an invaluable way for students to learn about themselves in the context of another culture.

It is important to identify which experiences abroad can provide fun, safe, and comfortable experiences for members of the LGBTQ community, thus the UC Education Abroad Program has developed a webpage dedicated to Diversity and Identity Abroad to offer helpful resources.


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