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Do you find yourself drawn to inquisition with a strong urge for innovation towards advancements towards analytical resolution? Does the thought of being engaged in life and global improvements excite you? Perhaps you are on the path towards becoming a scientist!

With the world at your fingertips, UCSB presents you with a number of opportunities, resources, and experts to help you build your career in Science + Health. Whether your interests lie in the life and physical sciences, health professions, biotechnology, environmental studies, physical geography, or other areas that ignite you, a career in Science + Health can put you at the forefront of humankind's greatest discoveries and advancements.



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No matter the major or discipline that you choose, pursuing an education related to Science + Health at UCSB will equip you with critical thinking, communication, analytical, problem solving, and teamwork skills to apply to your career after graduation. However, it is important to continue to build these capabilities outside of the classroom as well. Pursuing experiences while you are in college will not only enhance your skill set, but also provide you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the field. By acquiring these experiences, not only do you strengthen your candidacy for competitive positions and programs, but you also learn more about yourself and what you seek in a job.

Expanding Your Skill Set

In most Science + Health career paths, your technical skills are essential; however it is equally important to develop interpersonal skills. Because these often are not developed within the classroom, we encourage that you pursue extracurriculars in which you can gain experience in communication, advocacy, leadership, work ethic, timeliness, and more. Professionals who are well trained in interpersonal skills in addition to scientific principles, techniques, or healthcare skills tend to find success in their careers around every corner.

One benefit to developing your interpersonal skills is networking. As you obtain leadership roles, communicate outside of your circle, and meet other professionals in your field, you can implement these skills to make connections. Making targeted connections will allow for you to acquire insights into the field and learn about job opportunities.

Types of Experience

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Most careers in the Science + Health field are research-oriented. With UCSB being a highly ranked research institution, we recommend that you take advantage of research opportunities during your undergraduate experience. One way to pursue this is through connecting with your professors and TAs. Review your department’s website to learn about the research being conducted on campus. If any topics intrigue you, we recommend that you reach out to the researcher to express interest. If you know them, make an appointment to discuss potentially contributing to the team during their office hours. In addition, there are research opportunities available outside of UCSB. 

Some sites where you can find these include:

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For more research opportunities, review our Research page and the UCSB Undergraduate Research website.

Internships are a valuable manner for you to attain hands-on experience in a field before acquiring your degree. Although they are often unpaid, they do provide you advantages, such as: a more competitive resume and CV, connections in the industry, the opportunity to apply your education into practice, and insights into your strengths and weaknesses. Begin by looking for internship opportunities through your Handshake and LinkedIn accounts. The more that you utilize these accounts to search for opportunities, the more specialized their suggestions will become for you. 

In addition, consider looking at these sites for relevant opportunities:

Unpaid experience is equally as valuable as paid experience. In the Science + Health fields, there is often an abundance of volunteer opportunities available. Whether you are surveying land, assisting at a hospital or medical facility, or taking lead in a student organization, your experience is relevant! Because Santa Barbara has one of the largest concentrations of nonprofit organizations in the US, we encourage you to explore those in the area for volunteer opportunities. 

In addition, check out our Extracurriculars page for access to all campus organizations to become involved in at UCSB. If you find a cause or program which you are passionate about, consider taking on leadership roles to gain the interpersonal skills and transferable necessary for careers in Science + Health. Do not hesitate to showcase these on your resume and CV!

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For extracurricular opportunities in the medical, veterinary, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, podiatry, and optometry fields, visit UCSB Health Professions Advising’s Extra-Curricular Experiences page.

UCSB’s Education Abroad Program (EAP) provides students with the opportunity to pursue coursework that is not offered on-campus. In addition to gaining interpersonal skills such as cultural awareness, linguistic abilities, and international connections, EAP also allows you to pursue research and internships abroad. Oftentimes, the research happening at other universities is not the same as what is offered at UCSB, thus it is valuable to take advantage of opportunities elsewhere. 

Here are links to programs available by major:

In addition, check out the Capital Internships program for opportunities in Washington, DC and Sacramento, during which you can pursue internships and research opportunities in your field of choice. 

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