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UCSB represents the strength and wisdom of people from many multicultural backgrounds, designating the university as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and an Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Service Institution (AANAPISI), among other designations of note. Beyond your time at UCSB, you will likely continue to interact with people in the workplace (e.g., clients, coworkers, mentors, and supervisors) with diverse cultural backgrounds, values, and viewpoints.

At Career Services, we recognize that your individual ethnic and racial identities may influence your career decisions and experiences navigating work environments. We are here to offer support with overcoming potential systemic or individual barriers, developing your professional identity, and accessing opportunities for growth and advancement.




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Gain Experience: Students of Color

For complete information on internships, student jobs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, and more, review our starter tips to Gain Experience in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


It is essential to prepare for your career through internships and involvement outside of the classroom. By building your experience, you increase your chances of standing out in future searches as well as contributing to the communities around you.

As a rising member of the workforce, many of your career experiences are a result of the evolving policies, regulations, or laws that are established by governing bodies. Issues related to justice and equity can impact your career in direct and indirect ways, and there has never been a more useful time to participate in the narratives around policy decisions, if you are inclined to do so. 


Types of Experience

Click the items below to explore some example ways you can gain related experience.

If you are passionate about making a difference at UCSB, there are a number of opportunities to serve in a position which supports a specific community of students. Throughout the year, look on Handshake for positions like these around campus.

Here are some examples of departments that regularly recruit students to assist with programming, peer mentorship, and guidance in support of the department mission:

Look for programs and organizations that are geared toward students from your community who are seeking to get involved outside of the classroom. By searching for community organizations that support the changes you aspire to make, you can gain meaningful experience and participate in social justice discussions.

Here are a few examples of national programs that can help you gain experience directly related to communities of color: