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Are you someone who wants the very best out of a product or service?

Whether you enjoy working with numbers through calculations and forecasts, prefer to persuade others toward a specific goal, or have a natural acumen for identifying successful innovations, careers in Business + Entrepreneurship offer ample opportunities for the savvy student. 

As the backbone of economic activity, people who pursue Business + Entrepreneurship are often driven to increase efficiency and profitability through roles such as finance, accounting, management, sales, real estate, operations, logistics, actuarial science, and quantitative analysis to predict future business models. Learn how you can jump-start your career in Business + Entrepreneurship and reach your highest potential.



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Explore Grad School: Business + Entrepreneurship

For complete information on graduate school search strategies and the application process, review our starter tips to Explore Grad School in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.

Many students have a desire to pursue a graduate degree related to Business + Entrepreneurship immediately after completing their bachelor’s degree. For the majority of graduate degrees in business, however, admissions committees want to see that you have worked in the field for three to five years. This is the point in your career when most of these graduate programs are well-suited to grow the skillsets you have already gained.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The most common graduate degree for students interested in Business + Entrepreneurship is a Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is a professional degree that prepares students for industry. 

An MBA provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of business, prepares students to become well-rounded business professionals, and often provides an emphasis in a specific business area of choice, such as accounting or finance. An MBA typically offers more flexibility to pivot into a number of areas of business, outside of a student’s emphasis.


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Additional Business-Related Master’s Degrees

Beyond pursuing an MBA, there are other advanced business degrees to consider. 

Here are a few examples of additional degrees related to Business + Entrepreneurship:

  • Master of Actuarial Science: Applies mathematical and statistical techniques to assess risk within the insurance and finance-based industries.
  • Master of Economics: Offers advanced training in topics such as economic theory, econometrics, and applied economics.
  • Master of Statistics: Utilizes mathematical and statistical data to make decisions, collect research, and process information; can be applied to a variety of areas including business, science, health, education, and sports.



Many students ask if pursuing a Ph.D. would be more advantageous or beneficial for a career in business. Depending upon what qualifications and skills are needed for the occupation you are targeting, it is important to understand the distinction between pursuing a master’s degree and a Ph.D. within the academic discipline you are considering. Most business leaders hold a master’s degree at most

Entrance Exams

When applying to graduate programs, most of them require an admissions exam. Most MBA schools require that you take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT); however, some business and finance programs are now accepting the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) in lieu of the GMAT, thus it is your responsibility to determine which exam is most important for your admission. If both exams are accepted, consider whether the GMAT or GRE is a better fit for you.


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For complete information about the GMAT, review our Entrance Exams page.

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