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Determining what to pursue after graduation is stressful for all students, however, with additional stressors such as employment barriers and fears of deportation, preparing for life after graduation can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

It is common to have questions such as: What career or industry is best for me and supports my values? How can I gain experience and employment in this industry? Will I be able to land a job after graduation without a work permit? How do I apply for and fund graduate school?

Career Services is here to support this journey. We are committed to ensuring your success, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. You can use this page as a guide to get started.



community liaison icon​  Community Liaison to Undocumented Students: Maddie Foster


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Discover Options: Undocumented Students

For complete information on assessing yourself, choosing majors, and exploring careers, review our starter tips to Discover Options in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


Undocumented students pursue a variety of career paths. When you are deciding which one you wish to pursue, we recommend that you assess yourself through identifying your interests, skills, personality, and values. When we think of careers, we often consider our interests and skills. It is rare that we consider our moral values, until we are in a situation in which those are challenged. We often find these moments in personal aspects of our lives, however they occur in our careers as well. 


Career and Community Values

A common personal and professional value of undocumented students is to give back to their community. Do you identify with this? Oftentimes, to help the immigrant community, people become involved in politics. However, it is important to note that politics are not the only manner in which you can have an impact on your community.  There are many additional ways to create positive change for our communities! To determine how you want to make a difference, consider your answers to these questions:

  • Would you rather create impact on an individual or a societal level? 
  • What  demographics would you like to support? 
  • In what ways would you like to create change?
  • Would you like to give back to your community through your career or outside activities?

There are no wrong answers to these questions. By answering some of them, you may be able to narrow down career options that fit you best. Whether you pursue a career as an academic advisor for undocumented students like you, support a cause outside of the workspace, or obtain a lobbyist position for political reform, your role is equally important to the community. There are no wrong answers. 


DREAM Scholar Career Development Program

Join a community of students dedicated to discovering their career options together. The DREAM Scholar Career Development Program is a quarterly program to engage students in workshops and activities related to their career development. Topics include:

  • Career exploration
  • Networking 
  • Resumes and cover letters 
  • Interviewing 
  • Graduate school 
  • Life after graduation 

Applications for the program are accepted at the beginning of each quarter. Students who complete all program requirements receive a $150 scholarship. Email your community liaison, Maddie Foster, at for more details.