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As a transfer student, you bring a source of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to your career development journey at UCSB. When you first arrive, develop an achievable timeline for yourself; as you acclimate to your new environment and the fast-paced quarter system, take advantage of campus resources available to help you accomplish the goals you strive to achieve.

While your time as a transfer student may be short but sweet, thinking about your academic and career possibilities throughout your studies will support your integration into life at UCSB. From internships, to graduate school planning, to working on-campus, to achieving your post-graduation goals, we encourage you to engage early and often with Career Services. Read on to learn more.



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Discover Options: Transfer Students

For complete information on assessing yourself, choosing majors, and exploring careers, review our starter tips to Discover Options in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.

First-Year Transfer Students

Congratulations on becoming a Gaucho!  It took hard work and dedication to get here. Now that you are on campus, it is time to further explore your career interests. Whether you were already considering career paths at your community college, or you are looking to discover more options now, Career Services is excited to support you. We recognize that the transition may be stressful, and two years may not seem like enough time to consider all of your options at UCSB. However, UCSB has many resources for transfer students and their unique experiences at this stage. 


One of your first steps should be to get in touch with the Transfer Student Center; they have specialized resources and events for you, financial and academic advising, and quiet study spaces.

If you are uncertain about what to pursue after graduation, taking career assessments is a beneficial first step; these can provide you with a deeper insight into your skill set, interests, personality, and values. If you have an idea of what you wish to pursue, but are unsure how to approach it, Career Services has specialized counselors to help you in a variety of fields which may interest you.

Additionally, consider enrolling in Education 118, The Research University and the Transfer Experience. This course introduces UCSB's mission and addresses the economic, social, and personal issues which transfer students face during the transition. Nearly every week there are guest speakers who present about campus departments, events, and resources available to transfer students. This is a great way to meet other transfer students and make connections with professionals on campus!


Changing Your Major

Did you know that students change their major an average of 3 times during college? It is a completely natural step in this part of your career. This is common for transfer students as well. Majors here at UCSB often differ from those at community colleges. Additionally, if you are unable to make it into your first-choice major, redirecting your career plans can be challenging. Career Services can help you regroup and strategize alternative options when it comes to majors and possible career paths.

Instead of thinking you need to pick the right major, think about picking the best major for you! In most instances, your major does not have to be the same as your career. Thus choosing a major which interests you can not only improve your GPA and quality of time at UCSB, but it can also lead you to unique opportunities, all of which will enhance your career. If there are specific majors which you are considering, it is beneficial to schedule meetings with the undergraduate advisers of those departments. Additionally, check in with a college academic adviser or a transfer student adviser to ensure that this is a viable option to pursue based on the number of units you transferred to UCSB with, and the amount of time in which you plan to complete your degree. If you are considering double-majoring or adding a minor, discuss what your options include, and whether this will extend your graduation to a later date.

To start determining which majors are best for you, take the FOCUS® 2. This assessment will help you gauge which UCSB majors and minors align with your interests and goals. To further explore your interests, strengths, and values, we offer additional assessments which you can take after a drop-in appointment with a counselor. 


If you are interested in particular majors but do not know how to apply them to the workforce, know that your degree does not equal your career. Read our Majors and Beyond page for more information.

Second and Third-Year Transfer Students

Are you in your final year at UCSB and still deciding what to pursue after graduation? This is okay and completely common. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What concerns or fears do you currently have about graduating from UCSB?
  • What is the ideal career you would like to have after graduation?
  • Do you feel qualified and competitive to apply for this type of position at this time?
  • What options do you wish to explore?
  • What back-up options are you considering?

While assessing your values with these questions, make sure that the careers, positions, and companies that you pursue align. It is also helpful to work backwards. If there is one company or position that interests you, look at the “Qualifications” section in the job description and utilize your time at UCSB to build those skills and experiences. Do not worry if you do not land the position right after graduating; this gives you additional time and opportunities during which you can hone in on your skills and interests!