Department Announcement



May 11, 2021

In response to the ongoing horrific displays of racism targeting the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) community, Career Services wishes to publicly express our support for the APIDA community and reaffirm our stance against all forms of xenophobia, racism, misogyny, hate, and white supremacy. 

We have witnessed the rise of Anti-Asian rhetoric and violence since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more recent reports indicating an increased number of physical attacks on Asian people across the country. Career Services stands firm in our support and care for the APIDA community at UCSB and globally. We condemn these acts of violence and understand that the racism and xenophobia in our society requires that we intentionally address incidents of bias, injustice, and hate so that all of our community members may feel safe.

We recognize that those in the APIDA community continue to face barriers in their career development, including but not limited to: access to economic mobility, career advancement opportunities, and impacts of the model minority myth. We recognize that the APIDA community is diverse and the needs and barriers faced by each community member matters to us.  

Our staff at Career Services are committed to taking action that will allow us to better support Black, Indigenous, and students of color and work against systems of injustice. We will continue to assess the accessibility of our services, collaborate to provide culturally relevant services, and actively advocate for marginalized communities.

We also want to acknowledge our role in bringing off-campus employers to campus for a variety of hiring and recruiting events. We will continue to implement educational initiatives geared towards supporting employers’ development of equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist workplace environments. 

We also want to uplift the APIDA community here at UCSB by sharing resources both for personal wellness and to supporters of the community for bystander intervention and building anti-racist practices.  

Resources as shared by the Department of Asian American Studies:

If you wish to report a bias incident or hate crime to the University, you can file a report, access bias resources, or watch a short video about bias reporting Frequently Asked Questions.  

To report Anti-Asian incidents, see:

For Bystander training on how to safely intervene and de-escalate: