Department Announcement



February 19, 2021

UCSB Career Services is pleased to announce the VMock Smart Resume platform, launched in Winter 2021 and available 24/7 to revolutionize the job and internship search process for UCSB students. VMock applies data analytics, natural language processing, and Artificial Intelligence to simulate employer recruiting tactics, customized to UCSB students' individualized needs for creating or updating their resume.

Incorporating the latest standards for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used in employer recruiting, VMock’s database of 2,000,000+ global resumes, 40,000+ proprietary skills, 1,000+ career tracks, and industry data from thousands of employers as well as hundreds of educational institutions, provides a robust source of guidance for every student. Career readiness competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) are also sourced for employer expectations of graduating college students.

Beyond industry best practices, VMock's resume advice offers a personalized touch by benchmarking resumes from UCSB students with resumes from other UCSB students who have similar interests. When students upload a resume, they select a Resume Benchmark for their career goal to instantly receive evaluations on 100+ parameters. This System Feedback includes information on the resume's Impact (action-oriented statements, tangible outcomes, quantification of impact, notification of repetitive or passive language and filler words), Presentation (consistent formatting, spelling checks, and visual expectations for UCSB guidelines), and Competencies (presence of key transferable skills including Analytical, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, and Initiative). Targeted Feedback is then provided for each section of information in the resume (as related to academics, experiences, skills, extracurricular involvement, and accomplishments), while the Smart Editor supplies layout and content suggestions (useful for students who are building their first resume).

In addition to VMock's multiple levels of instant feedback provided at every hour of the day, students are able to request Network Feedback within the platform to receive detailed advice from individuals in their personal network, such as family members, TAs, supervisors, and mentors. By selecting UCSB Career Services as their reviewer, students also receive a deeper level of guidance from an advisor—significantly enhancing the resume support provided to students by advisors at UCSB Career Services.

To prepare students for strong college outcomes with high quality application materials, VMock has been integrated into the Document Review service offered through UCSB Career Services. We encourage students to utilize this valuable resource to support their career development journey at all class levels.

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