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Exciting things are happening in the world of work. High levels of innovation are transforming many occupational areas and creating a demand for focused, well-prepared candidates from UCSB.

With an emphasis on the connections and resources available to you as a Gaucho, we help educate and inspire you to move toward the path that suits you. Advance in your professional development and career readiness through specialized guidance for the career path of your choice, and launch your rewarding future ahead.

Topics for Career Paths

Follow What Calls You

photo of computer screen for business + entrepreneurship
Business + Entrepreneur

 bar graph icon for business + entrepreneurship careers  Management, finance, accounting, sales, and more

photo of crowd at concert for comms + arts
Comms + Arts

 megaphone icon for communications + arts careers  Marketing, design, writing, entertainment, film, and creative work

photo of students for education + human services
Education + Human Svcs

 icon of three people for education + human services careers  Teaching, counseling, social work, psychology, and more

photo of ears for engineering + technology
Engineering + Technology

 icon of gears for engineering + technology careers  ME, EE, ChemE, CE, computer science, data science, and IT

photo of gavel for law + government
Law + Government

 icon of justice scales for careers in law + government  Public service, legal work, and all levels of government

photo of laboratory flasks for science + health
Science + Health

 icon of laboratory flask for careers in science + health  Life and physical sciences, healthcare, biotech, and more