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Are you passionate about people-centered work that transforms communities? You may want to consider building your future in Education + Human Services.

This career path is for those who want to become future educators, practitioners, scholars, community leaders, and change agents. Together, these professionals strengthen communities, address systemic issues, and support others through direct service, outreach, prevention, and advocacy. They are dedicated to the growth, development, and needs of individuals through work that includes teaching, child development, counseling, psychology, social work, social services, speech-language pathology, human resources, NGOs, and nonprofits. 

If this sounds like you or who you want to become, learn how you can move forward to help others.



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First-Gen Career Cohort: Careers in Education + Human Services

The First-Gen Career Cohort is a professional development opportunity designed to support juniors and seniors in preparing for success after graduation and starting their career path in Education + Human Services. Explore the intersections of your identity and career through workshops, presentations, guest facilitators/speakers, and guided discussions. Each session provides tools and resources for first-generation, students of color, and allies to pursue success. Applications for the next cohort will open in Fall 2021.

  • Identify as a first-generation college student
  • Junior or Senior, including transfer students
  • Interested in pursuing a career in Education + Human Services

Session 1: Careers in Education + Human Services 
Students will learn about program and community expectations, meet their success groups, and explore careers in Education & Human Services. 

Session 2: From UCSB to Career - Job Search Strategies & Grad School
Students will assess their career goals, discuss their concerns/expectations about the job search/grad school application process, and learn strategies for success from recruiters and grad school admissions professionals. 

Session 3: Telling Your Story: Strengths, Skills, Interviewing
Students will reflect on their UCSB experiences and assess their personal achievements, identify their strengths, and discuss their thoughts on imposter syndrome, self-efficacy, and achievement. Students will be completing Clifton Strengths prior to the session. 

Session 4: Navigating Your Networks: Understanding the Power of “Cultural and Social Capital” 
Students will identify their support circle in their career, discuss family expectations, and learn more about social/cultural capital/wealth. 

Session 5: My Future Work + Life: Transitioning After UCSB 
Students will define meaningful work, personal finance, and future workplaces. Students will have an opportunity to understand personal budgeting and salary negotiations. Students will also have an opportunity to discuss their concerns about “adulting” and “professional” work environments with facilitators. 

  • Attend five bi-weekly, 1.5 hours sessions from Week 2-10 of Winter Quarter on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm, and complete any pre-assignments required for participation
  • Participate in a team environment and work on a mini career/ professional development project with peers
  • Maintain a brave space to discuss career concerns and provide support to fellow peers
  • Utilize our online chat system to engage in conversations and share opportunities

Meet Your Counselor

Carol Huang

Carol Huang

Career Counselor / Coordinator

Education + Human Services

How I Can Help

My mission is to educate and empower future educators and human services professionals to support the growth, development, and needs of individuals and communities. Our conversations are centered around navigating your identity and career, understanding how your purpose and professional interests connect, and finding opportunities to prepare for your future. I am invested in supporting your career so that we can work together to create a healthier and more just society.

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Gain Experience: Education + Human Services

For complete information on internships, student jobs, research opportunities, extracurriculars, and more, review our starter tips to Gain Experience in all careers as well as the specialized tips on this page.


Rooted in theory and research, careers in Education + Human Services require both a broad understanding of serving the needs of others and an applied skill set. To build your experience in an applied fashion, we recommend that you gain experience outside of the classroom based on areas that are as relevant as possible to your goals. At the minimum, obtaining a foundation of experience in serving others will be a useful launchpad for future specialization in your career.


Types of Experience

Click the items below to learn about various ways to gain experience within Education + Human Services. 

There are many campus organizations available to UCSB students which relate to Education + Human Services. These organizations are wonderful for bringing people with similar career goals together, coordinating alumni professionals to interact with the club, and providing networking opportunities. By participating in these organizations and their events, you can get involved in student leadership, obtain industry knowledge, and work on projects together. Many students at UCSB have participated in student organizations that promote educational outreach, support marginalized communities, and address specific issues that the members wish to make a difference in.

Student jobs are highly recommended for students interested in Education + Human Services because you can find jobs on campus related to teaching, peer mentoring, or providing services to people (in many cases - students). These experiences will help you develop the communication, leadership, and helping skills you need for Education + Human Services professions.

Undergraduate research offers you an opportunity to work with a graduate student or professor on a research topic that interests you. You can develop key skills in communication, writing, data analysis, and research methods, all of which are great preparation for graduate school and careers in your field.

Whether you choose to explore individual, educational, or societal issues, participating in research can help you develop a theoretical understanding of your field and then apply it to become a better future practitioner.

The best part about pursuing a field that is dedicated to helping people is that there are many ways to do so, particularly within the local Santa Barbara community. Look for part-time work or volunteer opportunities in the area related to working with populations or issues that interest you. You can use Idealist or the Nonprofit Resource Network to find volunteer and internship opportunities in the nonprofit sector, or you can discover additional work options through Handshake.

If you are interested in working with diverse populations, consider studying abroad with the Education Abroad Program to continue developing your cross-cultural competencies and broaden your global perspectives. You may be able to have meaningful learning experiences, such as interning at nonprofits or humanitarian organizations, conducting research on social issues, and taking classes in another language. Studying abroad can give you insights on life and cultures in countries outside of the United States.

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